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The Presence of God- Jerry Maston
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The Presence of God

Part 1: Experiencing the Powerful Presence of God



Part 1: Strongholds of the mind


The Call of God

Part 1: The Call of God and Your Answer

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2024 Annual Address

Part 1: Fan Into Flame

Part 2: Fan Into Flame



Part 1: Make Friends and Influence People



Part 1: Faith to Obey

Dark Blue Nativity Scene Silhouette Traditional Christmas Card.png

The Christmas Story

Part 1: The Testimony of Jesus


For Such a Time as This

Part 1: For Such a Time as This

Part 2: Time of Deliverance

Part 3: A time for Salvation

Part 4: A time for Salvation- part 2 

Part 5:  Does God Have A Plan

Part 6: God's Plan Revealed

Part 7: God's Plan Revealed through Prophesy


Part 1: Salvation in the Last Days



Fellowship in Discipleship

Part 1: Creating Discipleship through Fellowship

Part 2: Love Without Hypocrisy

the shift (3).jpg

The Shift

Part 1: The Shift

Part 2: Believe God's Authority

Part 3: The Foundation

Part 4: No Variableness

Part 5: When the Spirit Moves

A Relationship.jpg

A Relationship, A Response, A Reward

Part 1: A Relationship, A Response, A Reward

Part 2: The Master gives to you what is Valuable to Himself.

Faith For.jpg

Faith For Success

Part 1: Never a Bad Day

Part 2: Cover the Right Bases

Part 3: Your Future is Bright


The Renewing of the Mind


Part 1: Behind the Eyes

Part 2: From the Mouth



Part 2: I Have Summoned You By Name


The Vision with a Mission

Part 1: The Vision

The Last Days.jpg

The Last Days

Part 1: The Order of Things

Part 2: Awake and Aware

Gods Solution.jpg

God's Answer is always a 'Man'

Part 1: God's answer is always a 'Man'

Part 2: The presence of God

Part 3: The promise of God

21 days.png

21 days of Prayer and Fasting

Part 1: There is a purpose

Unity of the Faith-Main Grpahic.jpg

Unity in the Faith

Part 1: Be Thankful

ATWT - Main Grpahic.jpg

As The World Turns

Part 1: God created man in his own image...

Part 2: End Times are Coming

Gods Plan - Main Graphic.jpg

God's Plan For Your Life

Part 1: God's Plan is not the same as your plan.


The "End Times" before the End

Part 1: I am coming soon

Part 2: The Beginning before the End

beauty from ashes.jpg

Beauty from Ashes

Part 1: Every trial is intended to be temporary

Fresh Fire-Main Grpahic.jpg

Fresh Fire

Part 1: Anointing Power

SeeingWhatIsUnseen-Main Grpahic.jpg

Seeing what is Unseen

Part 1: God can heal completely.

Keep it Holy.webp

Keep It Holy

Part 1: Remember the Sabbath

Blessed are those - Main Graphic.jpg

Blessed Are Those Who

Part 1: Blessed are those who Hunger and Thirst



Part 1: It's Your Nation

Nations Generations - Main.jpg

Nations & Generations

Part 1: Nations & Generations

Part 2: Nations & Generations

Our purpose is utilized by our differences. 

Part 1: God's own creation

Part 2: The Plan of God is in your spirit

Annual Address 2022.jpg

A Ministry of Excellence is always preceded by those who pursue Faith and Devotion.      


Part 1: A Life of Ministry and Excellence

A New Day.jpg

God has never intended for us to live our life the same over, and over, again.


Part 1: A New Day

Part 2: A New Year

The Hope of Heaven- Main Graphic.jpg

Trust in God is Essential.

Part 1: The Hope of Heaven

Part 2: Treasure from Heaven

Part 3: Seeds from Heaven

Spirit of Un-Worthiness-Main Graphic.jpg

Unworthiness blocks our receptors, keeping us from freely taking in love, acceptance, value and worth.

Part 1: The Spirit of (Un)Worthiness

Part 2: The Signet Ring

Part 3: Spirit of Worthiness

Turning Point - Main Grpahic.jpg

God still performs miracles today just as he did in the bible. He never changes.

Part 1: The Pivot Point

Part 2: The Turning Moment

O Brother - MAIN.jpg

Good Relationships always extract a price


Part 1: O Brother Where Art Thou

The One Who Calls - Main Graphic.jpg

Prayer and faith are invisible, but they let you see things you cannot see. 

Part 1: The One Who Calls

He Who Answers - Main Graphic.jpg

Prayer is more powerful than an Atom bomb.

Part 1: He Who Answers

Part 2: He Gave his Life's Blood

The Ways of God - Main Graphic.jpg

God think in the scope of Eternity and operates with unseen forces.

Part 1: Ways of God

New Wine Skins - Main Graphic.jpg

When your relationship with God becomes dull and boring,  Ask God for ‘New Wine’, and give Him a 'New Wineskin’.

Part 1: New Wine Skins

Climb the Mountain - Main Graphic.jpg

Climbing the mountain represents drawing nearer to God.  Remember, He is up there, not down here.

Part 1: The Mountain of Transfiguration

Part 2: Sacrifice on Moriah

Part 3: King of the Hill

Part 4: The Mountain of Life

Part 5: Lift up Your Head

Basic Vision - Main Graphic.jpg

God has designed life in a way that we cannot live and develop alone. We need each other. 

Part 1: Vision for Family

Part 2: Vision in Finance

Part 3: Vision for a Spirit Filled Life

Part 4: Vision for Serving

Part 5: Vision for Strength and Power

Part 6: Vision for Prosperity

Absolute Proof - Main.jpg

The punishment for our sins was extracted on Jesus.  He was beaten, ridiculed, and finally crucified. 

Part 1: Jesus came to save

Part 2: Absolute proof of a changed life

Part 3: God is a God of order

Part 4: You are Created in His Image


When Suffering comes, Comfort will always follow you as you follow Christ

Part 1: Encouragement from above

Part 2: Never grow weary in doing well

Part 3: Let's talk about worry

Part 4: Encouragement and the Roller Coaster Ride

The Promises-Main.jpg

The promises of God is God's plan for your life. 

Part 1: The Promise of Salvation

Part 2: The Promise of answered prayer

Part 3: The Promise to never leave us nor forsake us

Part 4: Oneness with God

Annual Address 2021 - Main.jpg

An Outline for 2021 with Encouragement, Devotion and our need for Jesus.

Part 1: 2021 Can be your best year EVER

Part 2: A spirit of Wisdom and Revelation

Strength-Main Graphic.jpg

What you do today will affect tomorrow​

Part 1: Strength for Tomorrow

Part 2: Vision for Tomorrow

Part 3: Hope and Faith for Today

Part 4: Lord of the Harvest

Legacy-Main Graphic.jpg

Boundary Stones are not Building Stones. They are markers for determining your vision and goals.

Part 1: Unlocking Your Legacy

Part 2: Our Purpose

Part 3: The Boundaries of Legacy

Home Improvement - Main Scriptures.jpg

What are they worth to you- Your family, your children, your spouse?

Part 1: Thirst for Righteousness

Part 2: Better Together

Part 3: Raising Great Children

Mastermind-Main Graphic.jpg

Your mind will always move in the direction of your strongest thoughts.

Part 1: Change your thinking, Change your Life

Part 2: Training your mind

Part 3: Reframing your mind


Part 4: The Peace of God

Main Graphic.jpg

The Confidence of security. The complexities of insecurity.​

Part 1: You don't have to live with insecurities 

Part 2: The way insecurity presents itself

Part 3: Insecurity is more a feeling than a fact

Part 4: Is there anything such as real security

Part 5: You CAN live without fear

Part 6: Strengthening the foundation

God Calls SD Main.jpg

God says: "I have a plan and I'm sticking to it"

Part 1: Great is Your Call

Part 2: Be a World Changer

Part 3: For Such a Time as This

Part 4: The Final Answer


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