As The World Turns- Jerry Maston
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As The World Turns

Part 1: God created man in his own image...

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God's Plan For Your Life

Part 1: God's Plan is not the same as your plan.


The "End Times" before the End

Part 1: I am coming soon

Part 2: The Beginning before the End

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Beauty from Ashes

Part 1: Every trial is intended to be temporary

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Fresh Fire

Part 1: Anointing Power

SeeingWhatIsUnseen-Main Grpahic.jpg

Seeing what is Unseen

Part 1: God can heal completely.

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Keep It Holy

Part 1: Remember the Sabbath

Blessed are those - Main Graphic.jpg

Blessed Are Those Who

Part 1: Blessed are those who Hunger and Thirst



Part 1: It's Your Nation

Nations Generations - Main.jpg

Nations & Generations

Part 1: Nations & Generations

Part 2: Nations & Generations

Our purpose is utilized by our differences. 

Part 1: God's own creation

Part 2: The Plan of God is in your spirit

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A Ministry of Excellence is always preceded by those who pursue Faith and Devotion.      


Part 1: A Life of Ministry and Excellence

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God has never intended for us to live our life the same over, and over, again.


Part 1: A New Day

Part 2: A New Year

The Hope of Heaven- Main Graphic.jpg

Trust in God is Essential.

Part 1: The Hope of Heaven

Part 2: Treasure from Heaven

Part 3: Seeds from Heaven

Spirit of Un-Worthiness-Main Graphic.jpg

Unworthiness blocks our receptors, keeping us from freely taking in love, acceptance, value and worth.

Part 1: The Spirit of (Un)Worthiness

Part 2: The Signet Ring

Part 3: Spirit of Worthiness

Turning Point - Main Grpahic.jpg

God still performs miracles today just as he did in the bible. He never changes.

Part 1: The Pivot Point

Part 2: The Turning Moment

O Brother - MAIN.jpg

Good Relationships always extract a price


Part 1: O Brother Where Art Thou

The One Who Calls - Main Graphic.jpg

Prayer and faith are invisible, but they let you see things you cannot see. 

Part 1: The One Who Calls

He Who Answers - Main Graphic.jpg

Prayer is more powerful than an Atom bomb.

Part 1: He Who Answers

Part 2: He Gave his Life's Blood

The Ways of God - Main Graphic.jpg

God think in the scope of Eternity and operates with unseen forces.

Part 1: Ways of God

New Wine Skins - Main Graphic.jpg

When your relationship with God becomes dull and boring,  Ask God for ‘New Wine’, and give Him a 'New Wineskin’.

Part 1: New Wine Skins

Climb the Mountain - Main Graphic.jpg

Climbing the mountain represents drawing nearer to God.  Remember, He is up there, not down here.

Part 1: The Mountain of Transfiguration

Part 2: Sacrifice on Moriah

Part 3: King of the Hill

Part 4: The Mountain of Life

Part 5: Lift up Your Head

Basic Vision - Main Graphic.jpg

God has designed life in a way that we cannot live and develop alone. We need each other. 

Part 1: Vision for Family

Part 2: Vision in Finance

Part 3: Vision for a Spirit Filled Life

Part 4: Vision for Serving

Part 5: Vision for Strength and Power

Part 6: Vision for Prosperity

Absolute Proof - Main.jpg

The punishment for our sins was extracted on Jesus.  He was beaten, ridiculed, and finally crucified. 

Part 1: Jesus came to save

Part 2: Absolute proof of a changed life

Part 3: God is a God of order

Part 4: You are Created in His Image


When Suffering comes, Comfort will always follow you as you follow Christ

Part 1: Encouragement from above

Part 2: Never grow weary in doing well

Part 3: Let's talk about worry

Part 4: Encouragement and the Roller Coaster Ride

The Promises-Main.jpg

The promises of God is God's plan for your life. 

Part 1: The Promise of Salvation

Part 2: The Promise of answered prayer

Part 3: The Promise to never leave us nor forsake us

Part 4: Oneness with God

Annual Address 2021 - Main.jpg

An Outline for 2021 with Encouragement, Devotion and our need for Jesus.

Part 1: 2021 Can be your best year EVER

Part 2: A spirit of Wisdom and Revelation

Strength-Main Graphic.jpg

What you do today will affect tomorrow​

Part 1: Strength for Tomorrow

Part 2: Vision for Tomorrow

Part 3: Hope and Faith for Today

Part 4: Lord of the Harvest

Legacy-Main Graphic.jpg

Boundary Stones are not Building Stones. They are markers for determining your vision and goals.

Part 1: Unlocking Your Legacy

Part 2: Our Purpose

Part 3: The Boundaries of Legacy

Home Improvement - Main Scriptures.jpg

What are they worth to you- Your family, your children, your spouse?

Part 1: Thirst for Righteousness

Part 2: Better Together

Part 3: Raising Great Children

Mastermind-Main Graphic.jpg

Your mind will always move in the direction of your strongest thoughts.

Part 1: Change your thinking, Change your Life

Part 2: Training your mind

Part 3: Reframing your mind


Part 4: The Peace of God

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The Confidence of security. The complexities of insecurity.​

Part 1: You don't have to live with insecurities 

Part 2: The way insecurity presents itself

Part 3: Insecurity is more a feeling than a fact

Part 4: Is there anything such as real security

Part 5: You CAN live without fear

Part 6: Strengthening the foundation

God Calls SD Main.jpg

God says: "I have a plan and I'm sticking to it"

Part 1: Great is Your Call

Part 2: Be a World Changer

Part 3: For Such a Time as This

Part 4: The Final Answer


Guest Speakers.jpg

Special Services and Guest speakers who have joined us at River of Life Church 

1. Ron Jutze

2. Tim Ingram

3. Duane Sheriff

4. Phillip McKinney

5. Nico Gatea

6. Lee Armstrong

7. Blake Fambrough

8. Blake Fambrough

9. Bill Ledbetter

10. Cory Nelson

11. Shawn Brann

12. Eileen Taylor

13. Senior Sunday

14. Blake Fambrough

15. Cory Nelson

16. Blake Fambrough

17. Rafael Cruz